Dandruff Symptoms

  • When the hair is combed or brushed, or when the scalp is scratched, the scales from the scalp fall like snowflakes and settle on the eye brows, shoulders, and clothes. These scales sometimes look as lumps or galls on the scalp. This is almost normally seen when the individual is having from dry dandruff. However, people with oily dandruff will observe different dandruff symptoms as likened to those with dry dandruff. People with oily dandruff will not have loose scales of skin as the scales mix with the sebum from their scalp and this forms a thick greasy handling over their scalp. While it may not be as easy to detect this type of dandruff, it will still be apparent while combing your hair as the greasy mixture of dandruff and sebum will coat the teeth of a comb. Dandruff control measures are evenly great, no matter the type of dandruff one is suffering from. You can use more than one type of dandruff home remedy method to increase the effectiveness of the treatment. You can separate the various dandruff cures according to how they are used. You can use one dandruff home remedy as a hair tonic for dandruff and use another as part of a deep scalp cleansing process .
Dandruff Causes
  • The main causes of dandruff are damage of general health, development of a toxic consideration mainly due to taking of wrong foods, constipation, and a low vitality due to infected diseases.
Home Remedies for Dandruff
  • The use of fenugreek seeds is one of the most important remedies in the treatment of dandruff. Two tablespoons of these seeds should be soaked overnight in water and ground into a fine paste in the morning. This paste should be used all over the scalp and left for half an hour. The hair should then be washed good with soap-nut (ritha) solution or acacia concinna. This dandruff home remedy is especially effective for those suffering from dry dandruff. You will need to use this anti dandruff treatment at least twice a week for the first two weeks and then once a week for another two weeks. You could also use the water that you soak the seeds as an after-shower hair tonic. After you shampoo your hair, allow it to dry naturally and then soak a cotton ball in this liquid and apply it to your scalp. This is one of the simplest and most effective dandruff solutions and it can also be used as a preventative measure to make sure that you don’t have to suffer from dandruff again. The market is flooded with shampoos that claim to be the “best anti dandruff shampoo”, so make sure that you choose reliable products that suit your hair type.
Dietaries for Dandruff
  • Diet plays an great role in the treatment of dandruff. To begin with, the patient should refuge to an all-fruit diet for about five days and take three meals a day of juicy fruits.

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