Symptoms for Edema

  • The symptoms of edema are pretty easy to spot. You are going to see a plenty of prominence or puffiness in the area that has the edema. Since the skin becomes extended, your skin will also become shiny appearing in that area. If you press on the area that has the edema, it will look like a dimple for a few seconds before taking back up. Over time, these can increase to very big sizes.
Treatment for Edema
  • The best edema treatment is to find what is causing the edema. After your doctor runs some tests on you, he will be able to find out what is getting your edema. From there, he will be confident to give you medicaments that can cure the fundamental trouble. If you take care of that problem then your edema will go away. Of course, your doctor may also give you some other medicaments that are good edema remedies. For example, he could give you medicaments that will actually increase your kidney output. This will make you output more water and help to bring down your edema. Last, but not least, your doctor may give you a new diet. This is a diet that is going to reduction how much fluid you take in. Of trend, if you are a pregnant woman, these treatment methods could be a bit extraordinary .
Home Remedies for Edema
  • The good news for those of you that have edema is the fact that there are a lot of home remedies for edema out there. These can be done without having to take any kind of medication. Most good edema home remedies should be paired with movement. Trying to get your muscles moving is a great way to help get the extra fluid pumped back into your body. Also, try to advance the area of your body that has the edema. This is great for your feet, if that is the area of your body that has the problem. It also helps if you rub down the area that has the edema. Be sure not to put too much squeeze on that area, though. It also helps if you are confident to reduce the amount of salt intake your body has. Salt helps your body to store water. Thus, if you have a lot of salt, your body will help to store those fluids.

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