Hiccups Symptoms

  • Some of the symptoms of hiccups are as follows Compression of diaphragm, Straight “hic “sound from the throat .
Hiccups Causes
  • Some of the causes of hiccups are as follows. Overstretching the neck, Laryngitis, Heartburn, Discomfort of the eardrum, General anesthesia, Surgery, Bloating, Tumor, Infection, Diabetes, Drinking excessive alcohol, Hot and spicy food, Smoking, Eating fast.
  • Short term hiccups typically are sparked by stuffing, eating too promptly, consuming carbonated or alcoholic drinks, and sudden changes in temperature or stress. Hiccups lasting for more than two days could have a variety of causes. Nerve damage or irritation to the vagus or phrenic nerves of this nature may be caused by a sore throat or laryngitis, or something as mundane as a hair in your ear touching the eardrum, or by a tumor or goiter in the neck. Central nervous system disorders as from a stroke, multiples sclerosis or tumors and a traumatic brain injury could also trigger such episodes. Bound metabolic disorders and the use of certain drugs may also cause hiccups of this nature.
Home Remedies for Hiccups
  • Some of the home remedies for hiccups are as follows Hold your breath, Gargle with water, Place an ice bag on the diaphragm for sometime, Sip ice water quickly, Close your eyes and gently press your eye balls, Drink a glass of soda water promptly, Eat some sugar, Eat one tbsp peanut butter,
Home Diet for Hiccups
  • Avoid hot and spicy food

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