Gray Hair

Symptoms of Gray Hair

  • If the hair is graying course, you can go through other signs of old age. Your skin will become extraordinary and fine lines and lines may begin to look. You may also begin to feel other symptoms of old age. Your stamina and resistance may decrease. Premature graying of hair may not have any symptoms other than an increment in the number of hair strands that are grey. Graying may pass on hair all over the body .
Causes of Gray Hair
  • Our skin contains glands known as melanocytes which synthesize melanin, a pigment which gives the skin its color. The hair follicles similarly take melanocytes which give our hair its quick color. The greying of hair is usually caused when the pigment melanin is no longer manufactured in the hair follicles. This could be caused either due to the natural old process or due to a medical develop which affects the melanocytes.
Home Remedies for Gray Hair
  • The best remedy for graying hair is known to be Indian gooseberry. You can labor the fruit into a paste and then smear it on your scalp. This not only treats graying of hair but also makes your hair silky and smooth, improving the texture of the hair and helping it grow longer and thicker. You can also warm some coconut or mustard oil and massage your scalp with it regularly.
  • The juice of the leaves of Amaranth can also be used to treat dull, graying and limp hair. The juice, when rubbed down into the hair follicles, can help darken the hair. You can also found some set leaves and take them regularly along with your food. This will help prolong the life of the melanocytes of your hair follicles. For best results, take some coconut oil and add some curry leaves and amla spread into it. Now warm this oil and massage it lightly into your scalp every time before you wash your hair.
Diet for Gray Hair
  • To keep your hair healthy, consume lots of vitamins and minerals. Vitamins B, C, E and K are great for your hair. Your hair is fundamentally made of proteins. Therefore, it is important to consume a good amount of proteins in your diet.
  • Some other causes of graying of hair are focus (both physical and mental), constant worrying, washing hair in hot water, malnutrition, using extraordinary amounts of chemicals in the hair, or using a hair dryer too often.
  • If none of the remedies are working, you can dye your hair using the chemical dyes which are commercially available. If you want to use a natural dye, you can use Henna.

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