Headache Symptoms

  • Tension or stress headaches usually cause pain that diffuses and is not concentrated in one identifiable spot. There is also likely to be tenderness in the surrounding areas and muscles. Here are some of the common symptoms associated with tension headaches .
  • Tension headaches tend to cause mild to moderate intensity pain.
  • Typically headaches like these do not develop suddenly, but there is a gradual build up of pain. There is however no warning or prodrome prior to the actual onset of the headache.
  • The pain could radiate from one side of the head or it may be present on both sides. It could cause an suffering and squeeze sensation in the forehead or temples, or towards the back of the head. Headaches happening towards the back of the head will mostly radiate down towards the neck and the shoulders. There is a general feeling of tightness around the head.
  • The pain from a headache is usually constant, although there may variations in the severity.
  • Tension headaches are usually not screaming with physical activity, nor is there any association with nausea or vomiting.
  • In some cases there may a slightly increased sensitivity to visual and audio stimuli.
  • You are also likely to experience a sensation of pressure behind the eyes.
  • Headaches of this type often come on during the day and progressively worsen, lasting for a few hours.
Causes of Headache
  • The common causes of headaches are allergy, emotional stress, eye strain, high blood pressure, a hangover, infection, low blood sugar, nutritional deficiency, tension, and the presence of toxicant and toxins in the body. Allergies are often the unknown cause of headaches. The foods to which some people are allergic and which can trigger headaches are milk and milk intersections, chocolate, chicken, liver, alcohol and strong cheese. Sneezing and diarrhoea are further indications of an allergy.

Home remedies for Headache

There are several home migraine remedies that you can resort to that will work efficaciously on your headaches. These remedies aren’t only for chronic sufferers and they may be used by people who suffer from occasional headaches too. Read on to discover how you can use the things around your house as migraine remedies.
Grapes are one of the best home remedies for migraine. You didn’t think this luscious fruit could help you feel better when you are having one of your bad headaches, did you?
Diet for Headaches
  • The best way to prevent headaches is to build up physical resistance through proper nutrition, physical exercise and positive thinking. As a first step, the patient should undertake a short fast, and take citrus fruit juices diluted with water every two hours from 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. daily. Thereafter, he should plan his diet in such a way as to put the least possible strain on the digestion. Breakfast may comprise of fruits, both fresh and dried. Lunch may consist of protein foods. Starchy foods such as wholewheat bread, cereals, rice, or potatoes should be taken at dinner party along with raw salads. Spices, condiments, sour buttermilk, and oily foodstuffs should be avoided. Drinking a glass of water (warm water in winter and cool water in summer), mixed with a teaspoon of honey first thing in the morning, is also a good therapeutic. Copious drinking of water throughout the day is also considered.

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