Head Congestion

Symptoms of Head Congestion
  • One of the standard symptoms of head congestion are coughing, wheezing, and other difficulties in breathing, ache in the ear and other parts of the face, stuffiness in the nose, feeling of discomfort in the nasal transitions, headaches and occasional migraines, and sore throat. You may not experience all of these symptoms but only a few of them .
Causes of Head Congestion
  • Head congestion caused due to viral factors does not respond well to antibiotics. The nasal drip in this case is clear and thin. There are several other symptoms of cold that would manifest during this time. The cold-like symptoms normally take five to seven days to clear out. Bacterial agents, on the other hand, cause more severe congestion. The head congestion is companied by high fever, which continues to rise before becoming lower finally. The mucous is thick, and may often be very dark as well. Such congestion commands antibiotics to be completely treated.
Home Remedies for Head Congestion
  • The simplest home remedy for any type of congestion is to occupy a lot of liquids. When you keep your body hydrated, your mucous will be washed out from the body. If the phlegm and mucose are hard, drinking fluids can help loosen the phlegm, allowing you to cough it out well.
Diet for Head Congestion
  • Concentrated a diet rich in vitamin C can help you better your exemption, making you less prone to common cold and other disorders which are precursors to head congestion. Consuming a lot of extra fluids is one of the main home remedies for head over-crowding. Fluids not only help wash off the phlegm in your sinus cavities, they also help you keep hydrated. The special fluids in your diet can help make your phlegm thinner so that it is easier to expel. Also consume a lot of vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamin C and zinc. Vitamin C is present in citrus fruits like oranges, pineapple and Indian gooseberries. Consume these foods regularly to tone your superior system and allow your body to resist any bacterial and viral infections that may trigger the inflammation of sinus cavities. Consuming hot beverages like herbal teas, soups and broths can also help loosen up the phlegm in your bodies. These also tone your immune system. Consume your allergy medications regularly to ensure that your allergies do not trigger off illnesses. This would also reduce the amount of excitement that you experience.

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