Symptoms of Herpes

  • The viruses cause oral symptoms like cold sores and fever blisters around the lips and the lower part of the face. The herpes virus attempts the immune system of the body getting heavy losses and impairment to the immune system. After attacking the immune system, the virus begins manifesting its symptoms. Once handling is given to the person, the virus goes dormant and the symptoms may subside for a while .
  • Meanwhile, the immune system of the body becomes extremely weak and the body may also become easy to other transmissions and diseases. There are brief periods of remit between the irruptions of symptoms; however, when the symptoms do erupt it is great to take many cares.
  • Herpes virus stays in the blood stream of the infectious person and can be passed on by a pregnant woman to her unborn child. There have been many searches and clinical trials of medicines for the treatment of herpes. However, till date no cure or treatment has been found for herpes. Medication can help control the symptoms, but the virus remains in the blood stream.
Causes of Herpes
  • Herpes is a viral infection which is spread through close natural contact and sexual intercourse. The virus can enter into the skin of a person through any break in the skin like cuts. During sexual intercourse, the virus can enter into the skin of the penis or the vagina.
Home Remedies for Herpes
  • There are some home remedies that can help in the crushing of the symptoms and provide temporary relief. However, these remedies are only for temporary rest and do not offer a cure. Since fever blisters can cause a lot of irritation, rubbing ice can help solace the skin. Another impressive remedy for herpes symptoms is baking powder. You can apply baking powder on the blisters using a soft cotton ball. The baking powder helps contain the infection. You can also use essential oils to control the infection and get relief. Take a few drops of bergamot oil and add to it a few drops of eucalyptus oil. Mix the oils well and then add an equal amount of vegetable oil to it. Now soak a cotton ball in this oil and extended it across the infectious areas. This can help you in treating the herpes virus.

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