Information on Symptoms of Influenza

  • Influenza strikes suddenly. It normally starts with chills, fever, headache and severe muscular pains. The patient feels miserable and weak. There is an inflammation in the nose and-throat, which may extended down the windpipe to the lungs, leaving in a sore throat, cough, running of the nose and eyes.
  • In milder cases, the temperature rises to I02′F and lasts for two or three days. In severe cases, it may go up to I04′F and last for four .or five days. The consequent weakness and weary may continue for several weeks. This may be followed by a deadliest cough due to irritation in the windpipe .
Information on The Causes of Influenza
  • Influenza is what is known as germ disease. It is, however, not caused principally by the action of germs as is generally believed, but gets due to a toxic and run-down condition of the system of the involved person. This condition is brought about by dietary errors and a faulty style of living such as worrY, over work, lack of proper exercise, living in stuffy rooms and keeping late hours. No disease germs can find lodgement and become active in the system of a person who is perfectly healthy in the true sense of the term. Influenza is passed on with ease from the affected person to many others who are also in an equally low vital state. This gives rise to an epidemic.
Treatment For Influenza
  • Influenza, like all other desperate diseases, is a natural attempt at self-cleansing and if rightly bound in a natural way, tremendous good can control so far as the future health of the patient is involved.
  • In acute stage of influenza, the patient should refrain from all solid foods and take only liquid foods for two or three days .Vegetable and fruit juices will be particularly beneficial. These juices can be extended with water on 50:50 basis. The liquid diet should be continued till the temperature comes down to normal. The child-patient should be advanced to take warm-water enema daily during this point to cleanse his bowels. Hot fomentations may be applied to the spine or back and chest At The Same Time, cold compresses should be applied on the head. One or two glasses of hot water intake. daily during this period will be beneficial.
Certain home remedies have been found beneficial in the treatment of influenza
  • The most important of these is the use of long pepper (pipli). A quarter teaspoon of long pepper powder mixed with a teaspoon of honey and a quarter teaspoon of juice of ginger should be given to the child-patient thrice daily. This will help greatly if taken in the initial presents of the disease. It is particularly useful in avoiding complication which follows the onset of the disease, namely, the involvement of the larynx and the bronchial tube.
  • Garlic (lahasson) is an excellent remedy for influenza. It is useful as a general antiseptic and should be given as much as the patient can bear. The juice of this vegetable may also be inhaled by the patient.
  • Turmeric (haldi) is precious in curing influenza. Half a teaspoon of turmeric powder should be mixed in half a cup of warm milk and should be established to the child three times daily. It will prevent tortuousnesses arising from influenza and also spark the liver which becomes slugglish during the attack.
  • Onion (piyaz) is also an impressive remedy for influenza. Equal amounts of onion juice and honey should be mixed and two or three teaspoons of this mixture should be involved daily in the treatment of this disease.
  • Ginger (adrak) is an supreme remedy for influenza. Half a teaspoon of fresh ginger juice, mixed with half a cup of fenugreek (methi) decoction and honey to taste may be given to the child patient. It is an excellent diaphoretic mixture which increases’ sweating to concentrate fever in this disease.
  • Another impressive remedy for this disease is the green leaves of basil (tulsi) plant. About half gram of these leaves should be boiled along with some ginger in quarter litre of water till about half the water is left. This decoction should be taken as tea. It gives immediate relief.

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