Kidney stones

Kidney stones symptoms

  • Kidney stones normally cause severe pain in their attack to pass down the ureter on their way to the bladder. The hurt is first felt in the side and, therefter, in the groin and thighs.
  • Severe hurt towards the side and back, just beneath the ribs.
  • Hurt may compound from the groins and lower abdomen and urination is likely to be particularly painful.
  • Variety in urine color, with urine being pink, red or brown is also likely. You may also feel a persistent urge to urinate.
  • At times there may also be nausea and possibly vomiting.
  • If there is also an infection you may experience fevers and chills .
Causes of kidney stones
  • The formation of stones in the kidneys is the result of defects in the general metabolism.They usually occur when the urine becomes highly straight due to heavy perspiration or insufficient intake of fluids. They are screaming by a sedentary life-style.
Home remedy for kidney stones
  • Kidney beans, also known as dried French beans or Rajmah, are involved as a very impressive home remedy for kidney problems, including kidney stones. The method established to prepare the medicament is to remove the beans from inside the pods, then slice the pods and put about sixty grams in four litre of hot water, boiling them slowly for six hours. This liquid should be extended through fine muslin and then provided to cool for about eight hours. Thereafter the fluid should be poured through another piece of muslin without challenging.A glass of this decoction should be given to the patient every two hours throughout the day for one day and, thereafter, it may be taken several times a week. This decoction would not work if it was more than twenty-four hours old. The pods could be kept for longer periods but once they were boiled, the therapeutic factor would vanish after one day.
Diet for kidney stones
  • A patient with kidney stones should avoid foods, which rag the kidneys, to control sour or alkalinity of the urine. He should also ensure decent consumption of fluids to prevent the urine from becoming screaming. The foods taken thorns to the kidneys are alcoholic beverages; condiments and pickles; certain vegetables like cucumber, radish, tomato, spinach, rhubarb; those with a strong aroma such as asparagus, onion, beans, cabbage, and cauliflower; meat and gravies; and carbonated waters.

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