Mumps symptoms

  • In children, the first sign of mumps is swelling of the salivary glands, but adults sometimes run a temperature and feel ill a match of days before the glands enlarge. At first, the swelling is often uncomfortable or painful. If the disease comes after puberty, the testicles may become swollen and sharp in males; a similar consideration may affect the female ovaries, sometimes leading to infertility .
Mumps causes
  • Mumps is caused by a virus which attacks the salivary glands, especially the parotid glands located on each side of the face just below and in front of the ear. The brooding period of the disease is about two weeks. Dietetic errors are at the root of the upset.
Home Remedies for Mumps
  • Chebulic myroblan is one of the virtually effective remedies for mumps. A thick paste should be made from this herb by rubbing it in water. If practical over the swelling, it will provide relief.
Mumps diet
  • To begin with, the patient should be held on a diet of orange juice extended with warm water on a 50:50 basis, for a few days. If the orange juice does not suit the patient., the juices of other fruit such as lemon (mossambi), apple, pineapple, grapes; or vegetables like carrots should be given.

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