Nasal Congestion

Symptoms of Nasal Congestion

  • A congested nose feels as if it is stuffed with something. It can interfere with smelling and eating too. The person is incapable to eat with the mouth closed. This could eventually also lead to severe breathing problems. When you try to breathe, there may be loud sounds. Though in some cases, this is just an annoyance, there are people who may experience certain other complications of the respiratory system. Since the ear, nose, and throat are also integrated, it is manageable for nasal congestion to also interfere with finding. It can also intervene with your sleep .
Causes of Nasal Congestion
  • It is often believed that nasal congestion is caused due to unnecessary of phlegm and mucose. However, in reality, nasal congestion occurs when the lining of the nasal cavity becomes raised. Due to this inflammation, the volume of air being inhaled becomes drastically decreased. The nasal cavity becomes raised due to the excitement of the blood watercraft.
  • The most common causes of a stuffy nose are flu, common cold, and sinus transmissions. If the nasal congestion is made due to bacteria .
Home Remedies for Nasal Congestion
  • There are many remedies for the treatment of nasal congestion. Using an air conditioner can normally help you get rid of airborne thorns and allergens. Some people put in vaporizers in their homes in order to get rid of closeness. Dehumidifiers are equipment that can be installed to better the symptoms of nasal over-crowding in places where the humidity is very high.
  • You can use a vaporizer with menthol or apple cider vinegar for best results. This will help comfort the inner membranes of the nose. If you do not have a vaporizer, you can also use a container of warm water to inspire steam. Another well known home remedy for nasal congestion is to consume pungent or spicy foods. Hot clear chicken soup is taken to be an age old remedy for nasal congestion. Spicy foods are also often used for opening up the nasal transitions.
  • A hot and moist squeeze is also often used to get relief from a stuffy nose. Such a compress can be placed under the eyes and the nose to further drain of the sinuses. You can also use home made salty sprays to achieve relief over a longer period of time. Saline sprays can be made at home by mixing water with salts and baking soda. Boil these together and then store the spray in a sterilized container.
Diet for Nasal Congestion
  • To treat nasal congestion, include large amounts of vitamin C in your diet. Citrus fruits and yellow vegetables are great for handling nasal congestion.

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