Neuritis Symptoms
  • The great symptoms of neuritis are a tingling and burning sensation, and stabbing pains in the involved nerves. In severe cases, there may be numbness, loss of sensation, and palsy of the nearby muscles. Thus temporary paralysis, of the face musclemen may result from varieties in the facial nerve on the affected side. During the acute stage of this condition, the patient may not be able to close his eyes due to a loss of normal tune and strength of the muscles on the involved side of the face .
Neuritis Causes
  • The great cause of neuritis is the bearing of toxins in the and other body fluids. This could be the result of a broken diet, wrong habits of living, overwork, nutritional deficiencies, and metabolous disturbances.
Neuritis Home remedies
  • Raw carrots and spinach have established valuable in neuritis as both these vegetables are rich in elements, the deficiency of which leads to this disease. The quickest and most impressive way in which the body can obtain and assimilate these dements is by drinking at least half a litre of the compounded raw juices of carrot and spinach – 300 ml of carrot juice and 200 ml of spinach juice – daily.
  • The apply of orange flowers has also been found useful in neuritis. The water distilled from these flowers is a stimulating and refreshing drink, and should be taken regularly by the patient. The finest quality is one distilled from the petals of the bitter orange. Eating fresh orange flowers with honey is also 1m effective tonic for the nerves and valuable in treating neuritis, and about ten grams should be eaten daily.
Neuritis Diet
  • The best handling for neuritis is optimum nutrition, well assimilated with all the vitamins and other nutrients. The emphasis should be on whole grains, especially whole wheat, brown rice, raw and sprouted seeds, milk, yoghurt, and home-made cottage cheese.

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