Symptoms of Oral Candidiasis

  • The most outstanding symptom of oral candida infection is the thick white deposit on the surface of the mouth and throat along with lesions and bold. The infection may also cover the tongue and in some cases extended to the lips. In some cases the white formation can be scrapped off. In adults oral moniliasis may cause a burning sensation .
Causes of Oral Candidiasis
  • As stated earlier, the body contains small comes of fungus that is kept in check by the immune system. When the immune system is weakened it becomes easy for Candida to multiply. This may be due to an competitive condition that looks on aggressive medication like HIV and cancer therapy. The use of antibiotics, steroids and oral contraceptives attack the friendly bacteria in the body; the bacteria that keep yeast growth in check. Once the bacteria are gone, the yeast multiplies unchecked by a weak immune system. Oral candidiasis is also experienced by individuals with poorly fitted dentures.
Home Remedies for Oral Candidiasis
  • Tea tree oil mouthwash – Essential oils like tea tree oil make for effective mouthwashes. Prepare this mouthwash by adding a few drops of tea tree oil to a glass of water. Use this solution as a gargle twice a day till symptoms subside.
  • Plain yogurt – Plain yogurt contains good bacteria that inhibits fungal growth. Including plain yogurt (sugar free natural yogurt) to your diet helps express retrieval from the oral infection.
  • Garlic – Garlic is a natural antifungal and a natural antibiotic. It suppresses fungal growth without compromising the immune system.
Diet for Oral Candidiasis
  • A well balanced and regulated diet helps inhibit the growth of Candida in the system. Remember yeast thrives on sugar and simple carbohydrates; setting the consumption of such foods helps inhibit fungal growth. Foods to avoid include chocolate, worked foods, gluten (such as wheat and oats), foods containing yeast, foods rich in sugars, etc. Substitute these foods with fresh vegetables, herbs, foods rich in protein like chicken and eggs, non-gluten foods (such as rice and millet), and quick yogurt among others.

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