Symptoms of Orchitis
  • Orchitis has very special symptoms. Because of this, you wont require to waste time wondering if you take to go to the doctor or not. A quick and streamlined diagnosis allows for the early organization of required handling. This in turn provides relief at the earliest .
  • The symptoms of orchitis take severe inflammation of the testicles, pain and discomfort, back pain, bloody urine, pain and bloody complete when ejaculating, swelling of the epididymis, groin pain, fondness, headaches, fever and nausea. These are not easy symptoms to function with. Simple and standard tasks like walking and inactive become impossible to bear. For individuals who experience any of these symptoms, it is of utmost importance to seek immediate medical attention. If the condition is left unchecked in can badly hamper sex life and also lead to infertility in men.
Causes of Orchitis
  • Orchitis may be a result of bacterial or viral infections. The most common virus transmission that leads to orchitis is the mumps virus. Many boys who suffer mumps also experience orchitis symptoms within the same timeframe. Other causes of orchitis include sexually transmitted disease, urinary tract infections, unsafe sexual practices, and wearing improper or unsanitary groin guards when playing sports among others.
Remedies for Orchitis
  • For home remedies it is commended that individuals suffering from orchitis drink a cup of dandelion tea every day. The tea helps ease swelling. Ancient and traditional schools of medicine also recommend herbs like Echinacea, Caltrop and Yellow Duck as a remedy for orchitis. These are available in forms of tinctures and capsules. They possess strong antibiotic drug, immune enhancing, and antibacterial properties.

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