Rheumatism symptoms

  • The onset of the acute variety of rheumatism is recognized by fever, sharp soreness, and pain. In the desperate muscular type, the area develops into so secret that even the weight of bed clothing aggravates the pain.
  • It may resolution into a chronic state under a wrong mode of handling. If the disease is not bound correctly in the acute stage, it may become chronic. The symptoms of chronic muscular rheumatism are pain and rigidity of the involved muscles. In the case of chronic articular rheumatism (pain in the joints), pain and inflexibility are felt in one or more joints of the body, with swelling in most cases
Rheumatism reasons
  • The main cause of rheumatism is the bearing of toxic waste products in the blood. The liberal apply of meat, white bread, sugar, and refined grains leaves a large residue of toxic wastes in the system. When the strength is low, the toxic consumes are straight around the joints and bony social system, where they form the origin of rheumatism
Home Remedies for Rheumatism
  • The juice of raw potato is taken as supreme remedy fur rheumatism. One or two teaspoons of the juice, taken out by pressing mashed raw potatoes, must be taken before meals. This will help to get rid of the poisonous condition and relieve rheumatism. The skin of the potato is also excellent medicine fur rheumatism. The skin is very heavy in vital mineral salts, and the water in which the peelings are boiled is one of the best medicines for ailments caused by too much toxic matter in the system. About thirty grams of the potato peelings should be thoroughly washed and boiled in half a litre of water till it is reduced to half. The decoction should then be strained and a glass of the same must be taken three or four times every day.
Rheumatism diet
  • In the case of sharp rheumatism, the patient should be put on a short fast of orange juice and water for three or four days. After the juice fast, the patient should be placed on a express diet for fourteen days. In this routine, orange or grapefruit may be taken for breakfast; lunch may consist of rare salad of seasonal vegetables with raisins, prunes, figs, or dates; and dinner may consist of one or two steamed vegetables

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