Can HIV Transmit Through Eye?

YES you'll be able to transmit HIV though the attention, I saw it on NY med and he had to induce his eye pumped.You can get hiv through your eye.The chances of your case are means too slim. first off, you dont understand if that blood was hiv infected or not. second off, you'll be able to solely get it through an exchange of bodily fluids, meaning, have unprotected sex, sharing drug needles, or an un filtered blood transfusion. Most of the time individuals get sick through the eyes, as a result of the mouth has saliva to kill and bacteria, and also the nose has mucus, and also the ears have earwax. the attention membrane is basically skinny, and simply penetrated by viruses and bacteria, though the number of the hiv virus in that drop of blood is far too little to try and do any damage. If you wish, you'll be able to raise your doctor.I live in ny. within the college system here, we've seven years of sexual education, and in highschool, one category specifically dedicated to it. i do know what im mention. P.S, if the guy that says hes a doctor, really is, he ought to understand that no over the counter drug might combat hiv.

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