How to get rid of nail fungus?

Fungus is caused by constant moisture. after you step out of the shower, spray alcohol (diluted) on your nails and allow them to air dry. attempt to avoid closed shoes till you see improvement. Hope this helps.

For one week generously splash pure alcohol on every infected nail each morning particularly when a shower and wait 2-3 minutes before inserting your socks and shoes on. Repeat the method within the evening as soon as you are taking your shoes and socks off. Avoid carrying shoes and socks the maximum amount as doable throughout your free time at home.

After per week you may notice the infected areas of your nails have turned white and brittle. The fungus is commencing to die.After per week,use a course or medium washable file you'll be able to purchase at any drug store and meticulously file down the thickened nail to regarding what the thickness would be for a healthy nail (compare it to a different healthy toe nail or if all of your toes nails are infected compare the thickness to your thumb nails). don't be concerned if you manage to induce some bleeding.If the nail was badly infected it'd divide throughout the filing. take away the broken nail portion.

Once you have got filed down all the infected nails, wipe away all the white powder off the nails employing a tissue with alcohol. don't use water.Soak your toes in white vinegar for twenty minutes. The vinegar can penetrate your nails easier as they need been filed down. Use a clean dry cloth to dry your nails.Apply Vicks VapoRub rigorously covering every nail totally. Use a THICK application. this may stop the oxygen obtaining through serving to to suffocate the fungus living within the nail. Use slippers and as way as is feasible attempt to expose your toes to some daylight - the UV can facilitate kill the fungus moreover.

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