How To Treat Breast Cancer?

First you must understand that breast cancer KILLS women and because of it one must do everything possible to get rid of the cancer the first time because that is your BEST chance of getting rid of it.What is important is getting a great team of oncologists, surgeons, naturopathic doctors, and counselors, together to battle the disease. With that in mind the treatment was consistent with what other cancer patients experience. Chemotherapy, Surgery, and Radiation.Family supported the decision because we had the best team possible and took their advice in surviving it.Post management is seeing our oncologist every three months for the first three years, and then seeing her every six months. Diet has changed dramatically for other reasons (High blood pressure) no salt, no sugar, no dairy, and no grains.We also exercise by walking for 40 minutes daily and doing exercises to remain flexible.We had genetic testing done along with genetic counseling.You make what decisions you need to in order to survive up to the point of one's tolerance to treatment. For instance a friend's mom had breast cancer ten years ago and went through the traditional treatment as I described. It came back in her other breast and at 75 years old she made the decision to not go through it again and in ten months she died.We had Triple Negative Breast Cancer, stage 2 B. Doctor's said that if we did the options they gave us our five year survival rate would be 82%. So far we are over two years and there is no evidence of the disease.

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  1. Most men and women decided to make use of organic products and also non healing medications as an assurance of fine wellness.

    How to Treat Breast Cancer