How To Stop Smoking Weed?

first of all, everybody must stop being thus exhausting on this child. something during this world are often addictive, particularly medicine. Anyway, bro im really sixteen too and kinda went through a really minor version of this. Its summer time where i live and that i smoke for perhaps three weeks straight .5-1gram every day. i attempted to sstop as a result of im like ok i dont would like it sick simply stop the streak. Worst headache ever, (and i buy migraines) felt no motivation to try to to something, felt depressed, and felt like absolute ****. currently on behalf of me what ended up happening is i simply began to smoke a bit bit in the dead of night to urge out of it, and im fine atm. I dont understand im positive its a lot of completely different for a five year term, however hey provides it a attempt. And you actually got to watch out since you've got asthma. AND **** ALL OF YOU SAYING ITS NOT ADDICTIVE. I still love weed, and that i understand its my fault that i got obsessed on it, however it's terribly addictive when done frequently, and will have withdrawl symptoms. smart luck man.The kinda of individuals you attract could be a reason to quit. Yes i used to be a junkie as a child and would smoke everyday and borrow cash from anybody who offer to me and never pay it back, hell I even begged for cash at my native food market. Yes it's terribly addictive, simply provides it up.

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