Legionnaires Disease Home Remedies

Legionnaires' Disease & a type of pneumonia made by bacterias. You normally take it by breathing in obscure from H2O that takes the bacteria. The mist may come from hot tubs, showers or air-conditioning units for large billions. The bacteria don't extended from person to person.

Symptoms of Legionnaires disease take fever, chills, a cough & sometimes muscularity aches & headaches. Other cases of pneumonia consume similar symptoms. You will credibly need a breast x-ray to diagnose the pneumonia. Laboratory screens can determine the unique bacteria that get Legionnaires' disease.

Legionnaires Disease Causes
Are older than 65
Have a lung disease
Have a weak immune system
Legionnaires' disease is serious & can be life-threatening. However, most people recover with antibiotic treatment.

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