How To Remove Pimples With Natural Home Remedies?

  • Gram Flour, Termeric powder, Plain Yogurt or Curd, Milk or water...the measurements arent really needed....Make a paste out of it....Leave it on until it becomes dry...Its called Basin, it actually makes your skin fresh careful not to add too much termeric powder...just half a spoon...Also Lime Juice is good for your skin...but i am not sure if it would remove all pimples....
  • Here's another way you could do it:
  • go to and you can find products there that can absolutely satisfy you, also if your buying anything, by the Obaig kit..dont buy it seprately...Also, if you can find one, get a Oil Control product (Netrogena Rapid Oil Control) Its usually in a orange and white works great on me..I see less and less pimples...
    Next if you can find a body or face scrub, its good to make the pimples less noticiable...Also, one last tip, is that wash your face at least 3 times a day with products...Once in teh morning when you wake up, next after you go for an outing, or extra activities, etc and last, right when your about to sleep...Also dont forget to apply cream after each wash...not too much..but as neccessary..dont make it to oily or too dry..I recommend Ponds works great on my skin

  • Take a teaspoon of fuller earth, 1 or 2 drops of clove oil, 1/2 teaspoon of sandalwood powder, a pinch of camphor make a paste with rose water. Apply on the face and wash off after 10 min's You can refridgerate it and use this pack every alternate day. For best result use it for 15 days. Your pimple will decrease and mark will also lighten.


  1. Great information provided. I appreciate your work.

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  2. I will try this one; not seen this before! Essential oils can help treat acne too; i think they would work well together!