Shoulder Pain

Symptoms of Shoulder Pain

  • You cannot apply your arm or lift any weight with it.
  • You have an hurt that causes joint deformity.
  • The hurt continues for many days.
  • There is visible swelling or bruising on the shoulder.
  • The pain is followed by other symptoms like infection, fever or a rash or other extraordinary problems .

Causes of Shoulder Pain

  • Shoulder pain can really be a number of different develops that affect the shoulder. Amongst musculoskeletal problem is bursitis or rotator cuff tendonitis. Other troubles take frozen shoulder, calcific tendonitis, instability, dislocations and separations. Tears and ruptures in the tendons also cause pain. Arthritis is also a common cause of shoulder pain. While rest will help most problems, it is great to get shoulder pain diagnosed by a doctor or specialist. Treatment for each problem is definitely different, even though most musculoskeletal troubles are best treated with physiotherapy.

Home remedies for Shoulder Pain

  • Apply heat. Use a heating pad to temporarily relieve pain from your shoulder. Keep in mind that this is only a temporary measure, and not a cure.
  • Stretch. Since shoulder pain is often caused by not using the full range of movement, stretch after your workout to get the blood flowing to the unused parts of the joint.
  • Strengthen your shoulder. Believe it or not, lifting weights will help keep you pain free. Shoulder exercises as well as those for the rotator cuff will help, but remember to start small and get a good spotter.
  • If you feel the pain when it’s cold, wear warm clothes, especially a muffler.

Diet for Shoulder Pain

  • Your diet should include plenty of green vegetables and proteins that help you fortify your muscles. If you’re arthritic, you also need to take omega-3 oils into your diet, as these have been shown to help pain. You can get these from references like salmon.

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