Spring Ailments Symptoms

  • Spring ailments have a number of symptoms. The most common ailment in spring is hay fever or rhinitis. Seasonal allergy symptoms include a runny or itchy nose or nasal congestion, watery eyes, headaches, abruptness of breath, and a general feeling of lethargy. Sometimes these symptoms mimic those of the flu, so tests may be involved to determine whether you are getting from seasonal allergies or have caught the bug. Rosacea is characterized by redness of the forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin. In severe cases, the nose may even become swollen and bumpy. Poison ivy rashes are characterized by red, itchy skin with small bumps. These are similar to insect bites and chiggers, which are bites caused by harvest mites .

Spring Ailments Causes

  • The most standard causes of spring ailments are seasonal allergies. During spring time, the abundance of blooming flowers results in the air being saturated with pollen. Regrettably, pollen can trigger allergic responses in somebodies with a sensitized immune system. When this pollen laden air is inhaled, it can lead to a host of symptoms which are normally characterized as hay fever allergies. The change of season also breaks the natural exemption of the body, and renders it defenseless to infection from the flu virus. Representatives of rosacea are also common in spring, although the root cause behind this skin affliction is still unknown.

Spring Ailments Home Remedies

  • Anti-histamines are commonly standard to combat hay fever allergies. However, there are also many spontaneous remedies for allergies. Herbs such as bayberry, eyebright, and nettle help to concentrate nasal over-crowding. Feverfew and Curcuma domestica are anti-inflammatory drug and are also good remedies for allergies. Green tea cream and licorice are natural rosacea remedies. Apple cider vinegar, taken orally, is also a good rosacea cure. Calamine lotion, cool compresses, and soaking in a tub filled with cold water can help to reduce irritation caused due to poison ivy rash, insect bites, and jiggers.

Spring Ailments Diet

  • An decent intake of vitamin B may reduce the incidence of rosacea. Similarly, vitamin C helps to advance the immune system and helps to strengthen the body against the influenza virus.

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