Thinning Hair

Symptoms of Thinning Hair

  • Men and women experience hair loss otherwise. However, hair loss itself is a common symptom in both men and women. The human body continuously sheds hair and dead skin. You may have heavy hair shedding when you are in the shower. There may be hair peeling all through the day as well. In fact, in desperate cases of hair fall, loose strings of hair can be encountered all over clothes, especially at the berms. You may find hair on your bedding and in your hair brush or comb. Though it is normal to shed some hair while sweeping or sleeping, if the hair loss is heavy, it may be signs of a larger problem .

Causes of Thinning Hair

  • A person usually has hair fall a few months after a better illness or a surgery. When you have inadequacy of certain nutrients in your body, it can cause thinning of hair. This hair loss is working and the hair will soon during retrieval. Male and female endocrines often surge, which may be another cause for hair fall and hair loss. An dormant thyroid often results in the loss of hair, though this can be revered by undergoing handling for thyroid disease. Women may receive thinning of hair for about three months after they have had a baby. This happens because the hormones are getting back to their normal state after a long period of hyperactivity. Other causes of hair loss are chemical dyes and handling, medications, diseases like diabetes, nutrient imbalance, depression, birth control pills, and fungal or bacterial infections.

Home Remedies for Thinning Hair

  • The best way to stop hair loss and stimulate regrowth of lost hair is by kneading the scalp with warm oil using your fingers. This lets the blood vessels in the scalp to dilate and increases blood circulation in the scalp. When the circulation of blood increases in the involved areas, it results in hair becoming stronger and healthier. You can use the oil extracted from Indian gooseberry for such a massage. The juice of the leaves of amaranth is also great for revitalizing the scalp.

Diet for Thinning Hair

  • To block hair loss, waste a diet which is rich in calcium, silica, and iron. Green leafy vegetables are a rich source of all of these nutrients. Since hair is basically made up of a type of protein, a diet rich in protein should be accompanied. Vitamin B can also help treat hair loss.

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