Swimmers Ear

Symptoms for Swimmers Ear

  • Painful or bad ear
  • Predisposition to ear effort
  • Reduced hearing
  • Earwax appearing soft and white
  • Yellowish or milky discharge from the ear
  • Sudden or sharp pain in the ear
  • Noises felt inside the ear, such as a buzzing or humming sound
  • Swelling in the ear or lymph nodes on the neck
  • Feeling stuffy or weightiness in the ear.
  • Outer ear skin appears sore and scaly

Causes for Swimmers Ear

  • Muddy water facilitates fungi or bacteria to the ear canal.
  • Cleaning the ears using sharp fingernails, cotton buds or other objects may cause a tear in delicate tissues of the ear canal which could lead to infection.
  • Hairsprays, shampoos, hair dyes and other chemical thorns may make way inside the ear canal and cause discomfort.
  • Middle ear infection can trigger an infection or excitement in the ear canal.
  • Diabetes could make earwax too alkaline receiving bacteria and other contagions.
  • Folliculitis or an infected hair follicle within the ear canal can trigger a infection in the ear.
  • If the ear canals are narrower than normal, the water can’t drain as effectively causing water retention in the ear.
  • Swimming, bathing or living in a moist environment also causes moisture in the ear.
  • Exposure to any infectious organism from swimming in polluted water is another known cause of swimmers ear.

Home Remedies for Swimmers Ear

  • Primary steps towards subduing pain include cleaning and draining the ear canal. A good step towards cleaning is to rub alcohol, as alcohol not only kills germs but also causes evaporation of water. This swimmers ear home remedy alternative also be used as a preventive measure and a safeguard against swimmers ear infections whenever you spend great periods of time in water.
  • Mild swimmer’s ear can also be treated with a few drops of white vinegar placed in both ears. Put a few drops of vinegar in one ear and leave it in the ear canal for about five minutes before turning the ear down in order to drain the solution. It is advisable to repeat this twice a day for three days. It is most impressive against any fungal or bacterial infection as the acetic acid inhibits the growth of bacteria.
  • When water clogs the ears, put three or four drops apple cider vinegar, extended in equal parts with water or alcohol, after showering or swimming. This helps prevent future infection.

Diet for Swimmers Ear

  • One can have a regular and square meal. Nothing in particular in conditions of food can help relieve the effects of swimmers ear. Following a healthy balanced diet could however help better your general health and fortify your body, better equipping it to fight off an infection. Include plenty of leafy vegetables and fresh fruits in your diet, particularly vitamin C rich foods like lemons and oranges.

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