Urticaria symptoms

  • Raised red and white patches appear on the skin. They are companied by burning,intense itching, and stinging. Rubbing and striking usually aggravate the condition. The outbreak of urticaria is sudden and the disease may make any part or the entire body. The irruptions may be as small as pin heads or as large as a rupee. The eruption may fade in a few minutes or an hour in one place, but may look in another.

Urticaria causes

  • There are several causes of urticaria. It may result from digestive disorders like mechanical discomfort in the digestive tract or toxaemia.

Home Remedies for Urticaria

  • The use of salt is beneficial in the treatment of urticaria when it is accompanied by digestive disorders. In such a condition, about twelve grams of salt should be dissolved in water and taken by the patient. The throat should be tickled to induce vomiting. This will give relief and help in curing eruptions.

Urticaria diet

  • As urticaria usually has its origin in the gastro-intestinal tract, the best way to commence the treatment is to adopt an all-fruit diet for about five days. In this regimen, the patient should take three meals a day of fresh juicy fruits such as oranges, apples, pineapples, grapes, pears, peaches, and papayas. The patient should drink a easy amount of hot water.

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